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John Marino

iJohn Marino is known from Los Angeles  to Vancouver, BC for reproducing music thought to be un-reproducible due to the difficulty and  sound accuracy required for these songs.  From Bach to Rock, John is a rare player that is versed in all styles.  John enables Shambala to re-create the multi-layered keyboard sound that define Three Dog Night. He is able to emulate entire horn sections, strings, pianos, organs, etc....without sequencing (canned music)

Entirely self-taught, John also plays solo piano, specializing in the musical style "Stride"...a form of improvised ragtime with classical and jazz elements.  A true musical "decathlete," John also plays folk guitar, performing for several years with an acoustic harmony trio while on hiatus from keyboards. Along with occasional appearances on bass guitar, John is known to participate in solo drum-offs, proving he can hold his own with many accomplished drummers!