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Sorry we won't be able to make it to either event this week because of an out of town trip we have planned. However, please let me know when and where your performing in the future because I would love to see you guys again. I was talking with some friends after the concert on Sunday, and, they to would like to see you guys again. You guys were awesome. I can't tell you how much we appreciate you playing for Amanda's Get well celebration. The support we have received has been absolutely amazing. Please thank the rest of the band as well. Good Luck with your upcoming shows. Thanks again, Tom


PS I hope your bass player is still not mad at me for knocking over his guitar, I was really trying to be so careful


Tom Ostrom
Sr. Recreation Coord.


Seattle Parks and Recreation
100 Dexter Avenue North, MS#28
Seattle, WA 98109-5199
(206) 684-7123 office
(206) 684-4957 fax


"Seattle Parks and Recreation will work with all citizens to be good stewards of our environment,
and to provide safe and welcoming opportunities to play, learn, contemplate and build community."


From: JFAProfessor
ICA Management
Tue, 24 May 2005 15:06:56 -0400
Subject: Wow! Saw Three Dog tribute at Tulalip--what a show!!

Dear Michele- 

I spoke to you briefly and got your card when I was at the Tulalip Casino last Saturday for the Three Dog Night tribute show.  I was so impressed that I just had to write.  I have known Tony La Stella for a number of years and when I received the flyer about his Three Dog Night band playing at the Tulalip Casino, I had to come out to catch it.  Man!  Am I ever glad I did. 

Thank God I got there a little early, as the place really filled up when the band came on stage and I understand there was a long line of people who couldn't get in.  The group, Shambala, is amazing.  Not only did they sound as good, if not better, than the original Three Dog Night group (who were my favorite band in high school), but they also sang some additional classic rock tunes that blew everyone away.  And what a stage show!!!  Both the singers and the band put on an outstanding performance which was appreciated by the large crowd in attendance.  The crowd literally packed the dance floor and roared with approval after every song.  The group was suppose to finish at 9 o'clock, but the crowd wouldn't let them leave.  They demanded another song from the band and would have kept them playing all night had it been possible.

 As a side note,  I attended alone and all of the tables were full so I sat up at the bar.  Toward the end of the show I started chatting with the bartender who told me it was the biggest crowd they ever had for the 6 o'clock show and the most liquor they ever sold for that period.  Just thought you'd like to share this with the casino 

Please let me know when this group will be playing again, as I definitely want to come back to their next show.  In fact, I plan on bringing a bunch of friends with me.

Yours truly,

John Abate


From: Janet Levi <>
Mon, 23 May 2005 11:34:31 -0700
Subject: Re: Photos from Tony La Stella (Tom Chambers) at Mamma Mia's on 5-19-05

Unfortunately, we didn't end up in any of the pictures.

But we had a wonderful time.

Plus, we really really enjoyed Saturday night at the Canoe Cabaret!!! YOU ROCKED THE PLACE!!!!

You guys were fantastic!!    The keyboard guy, the guitarist, the bass player, the drummer are all excellent.  I especially like the keyboard guy.  Based on the two performances, you can tell the Shambala stuff is his FAVORITE.  He was a completely different entertainer!!! He really can play that keyboard and he really rocked Too!!

I think you guys were a hit!!!  The dancers were having a ball and wanted more of it.

I can't wait for your next Shambala performance! So please let me know so I maybe get a bigger group together.

 love ya,


 On 10/8/07, < > wrote:
If only they were in England, I would love to see Shambala (the band), but about 4500 miles to
far to go. Shambala is one of my fav songs of all time.  Got everything by
Three Dog Night except the album with Shambala on it.  Have a good time and
best wishes from your fans in England...